Christian Brothers Academy Athletics


Student-Athlete Reflection: Ben Settino '20


CBA Athletics | 4/3/2020

I have wanted to play baseball at CBA since 6th grade. I attended the Kenney's camps over the summer, and being on the field with the coaches and players made me realize that CBA would be a perfect fit for me.

My freshman tryout was definitely a time of nerves, but also excitement. I was confident that my skills would showcase themselves, but there was always that thought in my head of whether or not the coach saw me in the same way as I saw myself. At the end of tryouts, I felt that I did all I could, and it turned out to be successful.

The end of my junior season ended in a heartbreaking loss in the state tournament. I saw all the seniors crying and hugging each other, knowing that this was the last time they would share the field together as Colts. This motivated me to work out, hit in the batting cage, and mentally prepare for my senior season to make sure that the season would end in tears of joy as we celebrate a victory.

This year, I was looking forward to being a role model to the younger players in the program. I remember that at their age, I would always look up to the seniors, but I was too nervous to go up and talk to them. I am looking forward to providing advice and just someone to talk to for the younger players.

This senior class is determined, focused, funny, talented, and most importantly, family. The one thing that everyone said to me when I made the baseball team freshman year is that my teammates would turn into family. At first, I didn’t think about it, but as I progressed through CBA I understood. My teammates turned into my second family. The time spent in school, out of school, and on the field has led me to make lifelong friends that I can truly call my brothers.

Right now, I miss going out on the field with my friends and playing the game that I love. Every sunny day makes me miss the view from centerfield - the infield dirt and the school building in the background. I miss fighting the sun for those tough fly balls and Coach yelling at me not to drift. I miss the sound of the bat when I’m hitting and the sound of the metal cleats walking on the cement. The little things that you don’t think about is what I miss the most.

Don't get me wrong, I still expect my last memory as a CBA senior to be walking off the field holding the state trophy in my hands. I expect to have my jersey stained with dirt and my hat drenched in sweat with a huge smile on my face knowing that the 2020 senior class will never be forgotten.

Regardless, I want to tell people that playing CBA baseball has been the best part of my life. Not just the winning, but the connections that I made throughout my four years on the diamond. The coaches I have worked with, the teammates I have played with, and even the players I have played against have all had a lasting impact on my life that I am so grateful for and will never forget.

- Ben Settino '20