Christian Brothers Academy Athletics


Crew Tryout Information


CBA Athletics | 8/31/2018

Do I need to have prior experience?
Absolutely not! Almost every rower begins in high school or later. The great part about this sport is that everyone starts at square one.

What can I expect at tryout?
Coaches and varsity rowers will give you a crash course in how to use an ergometer (rowing machine). After instruction, you’ll be asked to complete a 2000 meter race on the ergometer. It will take you around 8 minutes to complete, depending on your speed. Your score will be recorded as well as your weight adjusted score (your speed relative to your weight is important in a boat). Based on results, you may be asked to return for a second day of tryouts. On the second day, you’ll be given instruction in the rowing tanks. You will be assessed on your ability to take instruction and understand the basics of the rowing stroke. There may also be another race on the ergometer. Final decisions will be made after this day.

When is the tryout, Where is the tryout, and what should I bring?
The tryout will take place immediately after school on Monday, September 10, 2018.

The tryout is located in the Sprint Barn. This is the building directly across the road from the school’s main entrance, just past where the busses line up. There is a brown bench right by the entrance. You should wear workout clothes, but avoid loose basketball shorts as they can catch in the slide of the ergometer. Bring plenty of water and a good attitude!

What is a coxswain?
A coxswain does not row, but steers the boat, ensures safety, executes the race plan, and generally leads the boat on and off the water. Coxswains need to be small and light, usually under 125 pounds. They need to be able to assert command of a boat and think quickly.

I hope this gives you a sense of what CBA is about and addresses questions you may have about the sport. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email either myself at or freshman coach Brenin Ford at There will also be rowers and coaches visiting your homeroom on Thursday during orientation. Hope to see you at tryout and Go Colts!